"The Colour of Hindsight,"  Ventura  VITA  Art Center          2015
Catherine Tirr, Solo Faculty Exhibition, Emeritus College, Los Angeles       2013                                    
“The Colour of Hindsight,” Manhattan Beach Ctr    for the Arts            2012                                                
“Saturation,” Thos Moser Gallery, Los Angeles Culver City Artwalk          2011                                                                                    
“Pacific,” Davida Rochlin Pop-Up Gallery For Art and Architecture, Los Angeles                                                2009                                                
“Suspension,” Howell Green Gallery, Los Angeles         2008                                    
“Double Take,” The Gascoigne Gallery, Leeds,  England                                             2008                                                
“Tectonics,” Howell Green Gallery, Los Angeles          2007    
                                “Sculpted Color,” Pierce College Gallery, Los  Angeles                                                2006                                                
“Catherine Tirr Paitings,” Gallery Oboy, San Francisco                2004                                                
“Drawings,” Double Vision Gallery, Los Angeles          2003                                    
 Catherine Tirr Paintings and Prints, Saint Paul’s   Gallery, Leeds, England                                           2001                                                
Snir I Djupid Galleri, Reykjavik, Iceland                       2000                                    
“Assemblage,” Asyl Gallery, New York City                  2000                                    
“Prints and Paintings, Catherine Tirr,” Akureri Gallery, Akureri, Iceland           2000                                                
“Artist’s Drawings,” The Drawing Center, New  York City            1999                                                
“Paintings,” Nancy Sadler Fine Art, Los Angeles        1996                                    
“Coat of Arms,” Sixth Street Gallery, Detroit                  1991


“ Short Hand, “ Hamburg, Germany                             2014 
“Perception and Reality.” The Brand Library, Art Center, LA                                                      2014                                                
“Millenial Abstractions,” The Marin Community Foundation, Novato, CA            2012
“Turbulence,” George Lawson Gallery,                     2012                                                
Los AngelesGallery Brown, Los Angeles                                      2011            
“Faculty Exhibition,” Emeritus College, Santa Monica                         2011                        
 “Art from Detritus,” Pure Light Gallery, Turner Falls, Massachusetts                                                  2011                                                
“What Matters Most,” Exit Art, New York City                2010                                    
“Textures,” LA Ontario Airport, Mary Oliver,   curator                                                    2009                                                
“Day of the Dead,” Froden Gallery, Los Angeles           2008                                    
“Drawing Center Benefit,” New York City                       2006                                     
Olgar Dollar Gallery, San Francisco                             2004                                    
“Good Paintings Make You Want To Paint,” Post, Los Angeles                  2001                                                                                      
“LA Current: The Full Spectrum,” Armand Hammer Museum, Los Angeles                                                        1996                                                
“From Me To You,” Higashi Gallery, Hiroshima, Japan           1995                                                                                    
“Exquisite Corpses,” Drawing Center, New York City          1994                                                                                    
“Point 5,” 148 Duane Street Gallery, New York  City            1994                                                                                    
“Screen Prints,” Wolff Gallery, New York City                1994                                    
“Neurotic Art Show,” Artist’s Space, New York City                                                 1992                                                
“Fate of the Earth,” Ceres Gallery, New York City         1992                                    
Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, Michigan 1991                                    
“Yorkshire Arts,” The Workhouse Gallery,  Dewsbury, England                                                       1990                                                
The Drawing Center, New York City.                             1989                                    
Austen Hayes Gallery, York, England                           1989                                    
Anderson O’Day Gallery, London                                  1984                                    
Detroit Artist’s Market, Detroit                                       1982                                    
“Summer Exhibition,” Royal Academy of Art, London                     1979                                                


Cranbrook Art Academy, Michigan:   Scholarship for the Masters                                                                                                    
Degree program, Fine Art Printmaking.       
 Chelsea School of Art and Design,  London.  Masters Degree, Fine Art   Printmaking.                                                                                
Ravensbourne School of Art and Design,  London.  Bachelor of Arts Degree, Fine Art